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Meet the “Bro Dad” of Real Dad Bro Talk

Matt – Happily married with 4 beautiful children. Self made thousandaire, an OH-IO fan, a cheese head, passionate, devoted, and 100% no BS real. Starting Real Dad Bro Talk is something I just had to do. To put multiple platforms together where the Real Dad can hang out with the Bros. This is going to be a fun ride. Make sure you tune in to be a part of this epic journey.

This is Real Dad Bro Talk

Real Dad Bro Talk is for  the everyday “Bro”, “Dad”, or “Bro Dad”. Real Dad Bro Talk podcast is focused around dads that are real bros and offers a wide variety of topics and education. Including pop culture, news, life of a “Bro Dad”, sports, what’s trendy, and honestly whatever fits into the day of a typical “Bro Dad”. RDBT offers a voice to the real dads of the world and a different perspective of being a father. We make the odd things of being a dad seem normal… with some comic relief of course. Subscribe and check it out yourself!

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Lets all be honest, being a dad has certainly changed over the years and constantly evolving. At Real Dad Bro Talk we cover real topics of being a present day dad. Are you you worried that you don’t know what’s cool anymore? Are you of touch with current technology, what’s trendy, pop culture, etc? If so you have the right place.

Check out our wide variety of awesome Real Dad Bro Talk merch in our online store. Being a dad can be cool but being a “Bro Dad” can take your life to the next level.